Kenny Battles to the Top

Kenny travelled to Las Vegas Motor Speedway this weekend to compete in round 2 of the WERA West road racing series. After winning multiple novice championships in 2012, he was seeking his first expert win at the Las Vegas track that he loves. Never before has he felt so confident in himself and his machinery. That was due, in addition to his own efforts, to the amazing support we have received from so many people who are committed to this sport and to Kenny’s racing program. Through the efforts of people like Alan Cunningham, Ed Sorbo, Roland Cushway, and Rick Roussin, we were able to field the best running, best performing, and frankly the best looking motorcycle Kenny has ever ridden!

Conditions were adverse, with temps in the 40’s and constant winds that wore on rider and crew. The cold track was slippery at times, and was hard on tires, but Kenny worked through it and started bringing his lap times down. Saturday afternoon he competed in the 20-lap Lightweight Solo, finishing second behind long-time adversary Logan Hanks on an SV650. On Sunday they would face each other again in the Formula 2 sprint race. It was an epic battle for the lead, ending in a drag race to the finish line with Kenny taking the win by 0.08 seconds! As long as he has been racing motorcycles, Kenny has dreamed of being an expert 125 racer. With this win, and his performance the entire weekend, he truly is living his dream, and I could not be more proud. He would finish the weekend with wins in Formula 2 and Formula 3, and a 5th place in Heavyweight Twins Superbike.

Thank you SaferMoto for providing Kenny’s new leathers and Coast to Coast Computer Products for the awesome new paint job. Thanks also to SaferMoto for the critically important airbag vest, Impact Safety Armor for Kenny’s body armor, Lindemann Engineering for the superb bike setup, Jim Doyle and Suomy Helmets for sponsoring Kenny, and of course Roland Cushway for his guidance and advice.

Kenny Prepares For 2013

With a great rookie season behind him, Kenny’s first season as a WERA expert is only weeks away. Kenny has been training hard to prepare for his first race at Autoclub Speedway on January 13th, a track where he struggled last year. This past weekend he did some testing with Ed Sorbo of Lindemann Engineering to dial in our suspension setup, and work on sections of the track where he has been losing time. He was able to take two seconds off his lap times from the last race, so we’re going in the right direction. The other kids in the 125 class are also testing and training, so we fully expect to see some great competition this season.

We’re excited about our prospects for the upcoming season. Kenny has received some new sponsorship that is going to help a lot. is providing a set of Heroic leathers for him, in addition to their airbag vest that he always wears. Coast to Coast Computer Products and SBKPaint are sponsoring Kenny with new paintjobs for his bikes, so we’ll be sporting a great new look for 2013. We have also moved to Pirelli tires provided by CT Racing, which are working really well. We’d like to give a huge thank you to SaferMoto, Coast To Coast, SBKPaint, Pirelli, and CT Racing for joining Kenny’s racing program. We look forward to making you all proud.

Kenny Wins 2 WERA Championships

This weekend’s WERA West event at Las Vegas Motor Speedway wrapped up a long and challenging rookie season for Kenny on his SaferMoto Lindemann Engineering CT Racing Honda RS125. He worked very hard all season, and took two firsts, two seconds, and two thirds at this year’s final event. As a result, he won the WERA West Formula 2 Novice and Heavyweight Superbike Twins Novice championships. He also took third in the Formula 3 expert championship, and won two novice championships with AFM.

Kenny continues to do everything you could ask of a rider. He is focused, dedicated, and hard working. He trains regularly at track days between races, and works with the coaches of the California Superbike School every chance he gets. I’m proud of the effort and commitment this young man shows at only 12 years old, and he honors us all with his sense of fair play, sportsmanship, and camaraderie. I fully expect that Kenny will continue to experience success in this sport.

Motorcycle roadracing has been one of the most positive influences in my son’s life. We are grateful for all the support we have received to allow us to compete at a high level, and to do so safely. Alan and Beth Cunningham of provide the airbag vest that Kenny wears, and which has saved him from serious injury on many occasions. Mike Braxton and Impact Safe-T Armor also keep him safe with the back and chest protector that Kenny wears. Keith Code and the California Superbike School are a huge part of Kenny’s success, with expert training and analysis of his riding since the age of eight. Ed Sorbo of Lindemann Engineering has done an incredible job as crew chief, suspension tuning expert, and mentor. Roland Cushway has spent countless hours training me to keep our machines running well. And our newest sponsor Chris and Corey of CT Racing have provided fantastic Pirelli tires to help Kenny go fast and keep the shiny side up! We thank all of you, and everyone else who has contributed to our racing efforts.

For 2013, we have added a new dimension to our racing. Kenny will campaign as an expert on both the RS125 and a Ninja 250 at WERA, AFM, and CVMA races. The RS offers the highest performance and speed at this level, and the Ninja classes offer the greatest competition, with grids of 20 or more bikes at every event. Our goals are to win the WERA West F2 and F3 championships on the 125, and the E and D Superstock championships on the Ninja. We will also be going after the AFM 250 Production and Superbike championships. In October of next year, we hope to have the opportunity to try out for the Red Bull Rookies Cup in Europe. To that end we plan to make several trips to Britain, Spain, or Italy to race a 125 in those countries’ series. We have received a lot of interest from sponsors who are keen to have a young and talented rider represent them, but we are in need of much more support to achieve our goals. If you or anyone you know are interested in helping my son accomplish his dreams of becoming a world champion, please contact me directly.