Kenny Prepares For 2013

With a great rookie season behind him, Kenny’s first season as a WERA expert is only weeks away. Kenny has been training hard to prepare for his first race at Autoclub Speedway on January 13th, a track where he struggled last year. This past weekend he did some testing with Ed Sorbo of Lindemann Engineering to dial in our suspension setup, and work on sections of the track where he has been losing time. He was able to take two seconds off his lap times from the last race, so we’re going in the right direction. The other kids in the 125 class are also testing and training, so we fully expect to see some great competition this season.

We’re excited about our prospects for the upcoming season. Kenny has received some new sponsorship that is going to help a lot. is providing a set of Heroic leathers for him, in addition to their airbag vest that he always wears. Coast to Coast Computer Products and SBKPaint are sponsoring Kenny with new paintjobs for his bikes, so we’ll be sporting a great new look for 2013. We have also moved to Pirelli tires provided by CT Racing, which are working really well. We’d like to give a huge thank you to SaferMoto, Coast To Coast, SBKPaint, Pirelli, and CT Racing for joining Kenny’s racing program. We look forward to making you all proud.